Sunday, November 11, 2007

So I almost lost an eyeball...

I thought I was ready. I thought I was getting better. I woke up this morning, wasn't coughing much, and thought, "Yay! I'm leaving this prison and going to church and I'm going to see my friends and then go shopping and have a grand day."

Things went fine until the shopping bit. Maybe it was all the perfumes in the air, but my throat started to get really irritated. After we left I miraculously felt better again.

Then I went to a friend's house, where I was fine. Nothing bothering me until my larynx decided it was time to try to create its own big bang with phlegm. Oh yes. A day's worth of coughing finally emerged. I ran to the bathroom where I began to hack a lung. Ah, just like last year. Coughing, with tears running down my face, almost puking! It was fun. But the best part is when I coughed so hard, I thought I broke a blood vessel in my left eyeball. I thought it was going to fly out. Embarrassed, I left the bathroom and promply left for home.

I had to stop and get gas, and a bottle of water. I was afraid of what the gas station attendant would think of my Halloween eye. It was still throbbing. It's still sore right now. Is this really how this is going to end? Last year, injured side muscle. This year, lose an eye? I can't do this again! I'm staying in this house until I'm healed 100%.

And now I shall retire to my bed with my laptop and watch something. Perhaps a funny movie or something. Got any recommendations? 'Cuz I'm gonna be stuck here for awhile. Except for the doctors office on Tuesday, where I will beg and plead for that antibiotic that cured me last year. Hello, $130 bottle of little miracle pills. Come to mama.

Sigh. I know in the scheme of things this is really not bad. I know of others who are having worse issues than I am. And, I promise not to blog about this constantly. I just had to let off some steam. Speaking of steam, time to refill the vaporizer and lay down :-)

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Hey...e-mail me girl...or check the board...I have a question for you. )