Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A confession.

I love winter. I do. I love everything about it.

I love snow. I love snow storms. BIG snow storms. The ones that close down schools. I love trying to drive through a snow storm. I love going 20mph on 275 while billions of big honkin' snow flakes obstruct my view. I love the frantic breaking weather reports every 5 minutes when a storm is coming. I love the terms "Nor'easter" and "Alberta Clipper."

And I love shoveling the snow. Great exercise, and what a feeling of accomplishment when it's done, even though in about 10 minutes you have to start all over ;-) I love the big snow banks that line the driveway when you're all finished. I love when the plow truck comes by, and suddenly your mailbox is up to its neck in snow.

I love the when the snow makes a perfect, spotless blanket over the grass and bushes. I love the way Christmas lights glow under that blanket. I love little birdy feet prints on the snow. I love catching a snowflake, and looking at it's miraculous symmetrical detail. I love seeing random snowmen sprinkled throughout the neighborhood. I love the eerie quietness that occurs while it's snowing. I love ice storms, too. I love when the city turns into glass, especially when the sun shines down on it.

I love the cold. I love walking outside and feeling the inside of my nostrils freeze slightly. I love mittens and scarves and winter coats. I love rosy cheeks and noses. I love coming in from the cold, warming up, and then going back out. I love watching the lakes and rivers gradually freeze up over time. I love icicles hanging from buildings. I love turning the fireplace on when it's cold outside. And lighting candles. I love dark, gray skies and windy days. I love hearing the wind whistling outside my window.

So there you go. No complaints from me about winter coming. This is the time of year when I start to hear all the complaining about the cold weather. Well, winter. I am your friend, and I welcome you.

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Christie said...

Right there with you. I love winter, too :)