Friday, November 30, 2007

Daphne's miserable life.

I never realized how horrible Daphne's life was until today. Poor girl! I can't believe I didn't see it before. You see, today I went through her backpack. It was stuffed with papers. Her teacher made the whole class clean out their desks, and she brought everything home. I learned a lot about her feelings, and her opinion of her home life. I didn't realize she had it so rough. Let me share some examples with you.

Sigh. She's right. Every day it's the same thing. She walks in the door, I give her orders like a drill sergeant and off to her room she goes for the rest of the night. Am I really being to hard on her? Sheesh.

Well, at least she realized she had an ATATOOD. I feel so bad about the cheese and crackers, too. How could I punish her like that? Poor thing. She didn't get her eggs benedict, Belgian waffles and half-caf latte. I'm a horrible mother. That picture of me? That's exactly what I look like at 7:30 in the morning while I scream at her. Yikes. I need some parenting classes.

Ok, the truth is she DID have an attitude and things were going horribly wrong all morning. She was late, and cheese and crackers was a quick option for breakfast before running out the door.

Her teacher must think I'm horrendous.

Stay tuned for more fun from Daphne's backpack.


Charlene said...

I can't stop laughing. OMG.


meghann said...

I'm dying over here...

Paul D. Keiser said...

Wow - what a witch! (He said, tongue firmly planted in cheek.)

Sounds like a typical morning for me with Liam. Thankfully (in this context) we're so piss-poor we get free lunch and breakfast at the school for him, so as long as we get up early enough and he keeps moving, he eats. Sugar-coated starch flakes and milk, but he eats. Usually it's a string cheese and a Pop-Tart if he's running late.

We're all out of sorts on weekday mornings. Weekends, however, is where we try and hit the Rockwellesque family portrait (after screaming matches about picking up toys, that is).