Monday, December 15, 2008

What is this blog?

I haven't blogged in awhile. I almost forgot how. But I felt this was important to share with the world. Zoe has been working on a smash-hit song. She's been singing the words over and over for a few days now. Today I started typing them out as she sang them, so that I could share it with you all.

"How can it be, like the one, it can be, like the one, for the dream, how can it always be, it can only be like the one, it's a dream, I can be, like for you, it can dream, like for you.....I can be the one, It can be like for you, it can be like the one, it can always be for you, it can only be like for you-ou..hoohoohoohoo. How can it can one, it can dream, for the one it nevery say, it can be, it can always be, like the one, like you, it can only be like youuuouou, I can't be like the one, ever say, full of life, like the one, it can only be, it can only dream for you. It can only be for youuuuuu, it can be for youuuu. It can beeee.
It can bring joy, it can bring anything. It can be could be one, it can be a dream, it can be anything for can it be like you? ohhhohhhohh....It can be anything, anything......How can it be?"

If anyone could tell me what "it" is supposed to be in the song, or can decipher the meaning of this lyrics, let me know. Zoe has no clue either.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thunder only happens when it's raining....

For most of my adult life, I've always has this recurring dream about being at an airport, or trying to get to an airport, not finding the way, or not finding my gate, losing my ticket, missing my flight, etc.

I do not have a fear of flying. I don't have a problem with being late. In fact, I'm the exact opposite. I don't fly often. Maybe once a yearish. So I've done some Googling (because google is the expert on everything!) ;-) and here are a few things I came up with.

"If you dream of losing your ticket, you may need to resolve a minor personality crisis."

I did dream this last night. Except, I didn't lose my paper ticket, but I lost my special "identification coin" that everyone needs to board a plane. Weird!

"being at the airport can usually mean change, something new happening, changing direction in life and so on."

Hmm. I feel as a parent of young kids, things are always changing. Maybe this is why I keep having it.

"This recurring dream usually begins with the dreamer hurrying to stuff his or her luggage full of clothes then rushing to the airport. Just when you think you have got it made, you find you have trouble with your ticket at the counter then are stopped by security. As you reach the gate, you think you have made it just in the nick of time when you see your flight leave."

I never actually see the plane leave, but this sounds about right!

"This dream often happens in young adults because they are not only juggling multiple responsibilities, they are also trying to make connections with others. They see these connections as friendships that may help advance their careers or happiness. This reoccurring dream may be particularly confusing to these young adults because they are normally well organised during the waking hours."

"The plane is symbolic of a vehicle that can get them from one place to another. When the dreamer “misses the flight,” it is representative of their frustration at not reaching their goals"

"If you find you are having this dream over and over, prioritize your life. Try to complete things ahead of deadlines so you do not feel so rushed. More importantly, take a moment to focus on your accomplishments and how incredible they are, rather than seeing what advancements are escaping you."

So maybe that's the answer. Focus on my accomplishments! I'd really like to have my recurring dreams analyzed by a professional. I have quite a few of them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Come on Xavier, time to get up. Come on Daphne....Zoe...time to get up. Good morning, time for school everyone! Get up please. Please guys, you need to get up now. Hurry up. Breakfast is done. Please come eat. You need to come eat. Now you only have ten minutes to eat. Come eat now please. Please stop dancing and eat. Please stop getting your hair in the syrup. Why aren't you eating? You only have five minutes to eat now. Hurry up! Stop moving your sister's juice! When you get done eating, go brush your teeth. Daph, are you done eating? Stop drawing and eat! Are your teeth brushed? Why aren't your teeth brushed? Please stop watching TV and brush your teeth. Why is no one in the bathroom and brushing their teeth? Let's go! Yes, it's the the same flavor toothpaste as yesterday. Use it! When you're done with your teeth, start brushing your hair. You're teeth! Why aren't they brushed yet? You've been in there for ten minutes! What have you been doing? Hair, go brush your hair now. Teeth...your turn...brush your teeth! Syrup, in your hair! UGH. Daphne, it doesn't LOOK like you brushed it. Do it again, please. Please go get dressed now. Daph, wet your hair down if it's sticking up. Dressed. Please get dressed! No you may not wear the jeans that are 2 sizes too small. Zoe, where are your underware? Why aren't they on yet? Your socks are where they always are. No, you are not wearing that. It's 40 degrees outside. When you're dressed, bring your backpack to the kitchen. Xavier, no coat. Not yet. Not time to leave yet. WHERE is your backpack? WHY aren't your socks on yet? Shoes and coats. Go get them. SHOES. You can't find your shoes. Why aren't they in the shoe place? That's where they're supposed to go when you come in the house! Coats! Get your coats! NO ZOE, you're not wearing dress shoes to school today. Stop. Don't go out to the car yet. No, NOT YET! Daphne, what are you doing? Oh my gosh, WHY aren't your shoes on yet??!? Grab your backpacks, let's go! Get into the car please. DAPHNE LET'S GO. Xavier, why are you riding your bike? IN THE CAR NOW! Stop fighting. No, we're not going to listen to that. I don't have that CD in this car. We're listening to this. If you can't be nice to your brother, please don't say anything. Xavier, stop kicking her seat. Please stop arguing! Ok, guys, go out this door. Please wait for your brother and sister, Daphne. Be good. Love you. Bye. *blows kisses*

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hope in a bottle.

We started a new series a church today called "Message In a Bottle." It's about hope.

So a few minutes ago, I found this website called "Oceangram - Message In a Bottle". Basically you click on a bottle, type a message, then it throws the bottle out to sea and you can track it as it travels to different people in cyberspace. A fun time-waster. Anyway, the first message in a bottle I received said this:

Whatever might be wrong in your life, don't give up. Never. As long as you're alive, there's hope."

I just thought it was neat :-)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What I learned this week....

1. Women can and should be leaders.

2. Traveling to Chicago in a group of 8 can be a little stressful, but so much fun at the same time.

3. Craig changes his mind too much.

4. I'm NOT gourmet.

5. I may or may not have a betting problem.

6. Edward Cullen lives in Canton.

7. The grizzly bears CAME.

8. Angela Bassett is famous actress (whom, by the way, we ran into in Chicago and had a pic taken with!)

9. I'm not a fan of late 70's Christian music, espcially songs about slowing down.

10. I'm not good at fantasy football this year.

11. Chili's chips and salsa can make you feel like crap the next day

12. I want a stomach transplant.

13. The Bread of Life never gets stale.

14. Autumn is my favorite time of the year, yet it causes me much suffering and I don't know why.

15. I know that I must do whats right, sure as kilimanjaro rises like olympus above the serengeti.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No gym.

While I was in Chicago for 3 days,  Craig decided this gym was not something he wants to work out at anymore. He got me all excited for nothing. Oh well. The dream was nice while it lasted.....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mama said knock you out.

We are ending a series at church called "Live Like You Were Dying." From what I've heard, it has changed a lot of people at our church. People are realizing that we only have one shot to make the most out of our lives.

I don't know if this has anything to do with the series, but Craig has decided to take up boxing. Ok, I know it has nothing to do with the series (in his mind...he just wants to get paid to show people how manly he is?) but a friend made a good point as I was complaining about this new hobby of like you were dying.  If boxing is something he feels he needs to do, then I guess he should do it. I can't say I'm pleased. In fact, it scares me just a tad. Today he had his first "training session." He knows a former boxer who injured his hand and is now a personal trainer and owns a gym.

Apparently I've been invited to come "train." Not to be a boxer, but to get in shape like one. At first I laughed. But then I thought about it. Even though I'm glad Craig is pretty much healthy, I've always been kind of bummed that I've never had a workout partner. He's never needed to lose weight or get in shape. In fact, he eats for 3 sometimes and still stays thin. It kind of makes me sick. But I digress.

Now he's getting older and wants to lose his now size 34 waist (eyeroll), get some muscles back, and....fight people. I've also always wanted a personal trainer, but could never afford it. Well, here's my opportunity I suppose. I can have a trainer, and a workout partner, and I guess there's an area for kids to watch DVDs while parents workout. It's a class-format, so the doors are locked during the session. It's also just a few minutes away from our church, where we spend a lot of our time, and some of the class times are very near to the times we need to be there anyway.

So really, do I have any valid excuses not to do this? No.

Live like I'm dying. It really really makes sense in this situation. I'll die sooner than I'd like if I don't get healthy.  So watch out, Christy Martin (she was a championship' real). There's a new Christie Martin taking over the femal boxing world! ;-)

Here are some weird facts. Christy Martin is married to Jim Martin, which is also the name of my father-in-law, and I was born on her birthday, June 12th.  I was meant to be a boxer!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm famous!

If you watched the Ellen show today, you would have seen my picture in the bad photos segment......

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Year of a million youtube blogs!

So I never really blogged about our vacation, other than Night of Joy. So here we go!

We spent the first few days at my dad's house. The kids pretty much lived in the pool. My dad pretty much spoiled them.....but not in a bad way, I guess ;-)

Then we headed over to Disney World for our 5 day magical adventure. Tuesday we checked into our hotel and then headed to Downtown Disney. We shopped and ate at Rainforest Cafe and played with Legos and potato heads 'n stuff.

The next day we visited Hollywood Studios. I had a few videos but they're not that interesting. We had a great time, though! Our first ride was the Tower of Terror. The twins were not thrilled, to say the least. But they like to brag about it now :-) Xavier got to see the "real" Lightning McQueen. Zoe met some of her favorite Playhouse Disney characters. I got to cry once again at the Little Mermaid show. It never fails. I do it every time. I'm so weird. Then for the first time I got to see Fantasmic. It was awesome!

The next day we went to Magic Kingdom. We hung out with Christa, Adam and Jack and had a great time :-)  We pretty much rode everything. There was never really a wait for any of the rides. It was nice. The twins don't remember their first 2 trips to Disney, so it was fun showing them Magic Kingdom again. It was all new to them.

The next morning we had breakfast at Chef Mickey's. It was so fun, and the food was delicious. Zoe says that "Mickey is a good food-cooker." I agree!

The next day I went to Epcot with Christa and Adam while Craig took the kids back to my dad's house. I hadn't seen Epcot since I was a kid and was really excited to go. I can't wait to go back and see more. I didn't see everything because I had to get back to Hollywood Studios to see the first Night of Joy. Craig ended up driving all over FL, getting lost. He ended up in Ocala. My dad lives in Brooksville. He's a dork. Then he passed up the road again on his way back down and made us late for the first concert. That was not the highlight of my trip, fo sho.

We spent our last day in Florida at Clearwater Beach. The kids loved the ocean. The girls loved finding shells!

The next morning we started our journey back to Michigan. It was the best vacation evah!

The end.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big day!

Yesterday was Zoe and Xavier's first day of kindergarten, and Daphne's first day of 3rd grade.

They all had a GREAT first day. The twins love school. They got to play with "real" computers! Daphne got the teacher she wanted. The house was so quiet. It was nice. I only had to make lunch for myself, and not for 3-4 other people. I was able to shower and get ready for the day without three rounds of "MOMMMM..... ____________ did this to me!!!!!"I was also a little sad. I couldn't wait for them to get home so I could kiss their chubby little cheeks.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Joy is an understatement!

For years now I've always wanted to attend the Night of Joy at Disney World. It's actually TWO nights of joy.....two nights of awesome Christian bands from about 7pm-1am. This year I went and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life! I went expecting concerts, and left after having some of the best worship times I've ever had. I uploaded some pictures in the pic section. Here are some videos, but I'm sad to say that it was just too loud for my poor little camera's mic to handle, so the audio is horrible. But you can still hear what they're singing. It's just distorted. Anyway, here are some vids!

Here is Barlow Girl. These chicks rock. When I grow up, I want to be just like them. And I loved the words they spoke between songs.

Here is Casting Crowns! I've always been a fan, and I love their music...but Saturday night was indescribable while they were on stage. I can't even begin to explain it. Anyway, we decided to miss out on some other bands and stay for Casting Crowns again.

Chris Tomlin was actually the first one we saw. We were fortunate enough to be able to stand right in front of the stage. After that concert though, the powers that be made everyone go back into the stands...but this was also an awesome time of worship.

I was soooo excited to see MercyMe. But this is when the security people decided that we could no longer stand by the stage. They made people go sit. The only seats left were the ones on the very end. You couldn't even see the whole stage :-( So we stood by the exit and watched as best as we could....

Tobymac was last, but certainly not least! This man is crazy, in a good way. It was like one giant dance party in the stands while they were up there. I didn't want it to end. We would have stayed for the 2nd show, but it didn't start til 12:30am and we had a 90 minute drive back to my dad's house.(turn your speakers down for this one. The bass turned out awful.)

I would have liked to see more bands, but it was hard to plan. We wanted good seats for the people we really liked, so we had to miss some other ones. Oh well. It was totally worth it. I want to go every year!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Colorful rings of happiness.

Press play before reading. :-)

The Olympics make me happy. Not that I enjoy watching every single sport the Olympics have to offer, because I don't. But regardless of the sport, it's on in our house right now all....the....time. If it's not on NBC, we turn on MSNBC or CNBC, or whatever. And I've noticed that the cheering crowds, the smiling medal winners, the overly dramatic and giddy announcers, the heart-warming athlete stories, the pretty colors, and the delightful Olympic Fanfare and Theme.... it just keeps me happy all the time.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Conversations from the back seat.

Zoe: You know the road? The road belongs to everyone in the world, and English....except for Spanish.

Xavier: It doesn't belong to the whole world, Zoe.

Zoe: Yes it does.

Xavier: Everything in the whole world is God's. We're just borrowing it.

Zoe: Oh. Yeah. Well some people have yellow heads.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What I'm Tired Of.

Rude people.
Negative people.
Impatient people.
Never-happy people.
Unappreciative people.
People who refuse to listen.
People who don't do what's right.
Evil people.

It's times like this where I just pray to God and ask that he'll allow me to like people again.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Angry 8 year old.

This is what happens when your friends are over, and your attention seeking 8 year old acts out until she is finally sent to her room for being obnoxious.  She draws pictures of us in revenge!! (unfortunately you can't see the whole picture in this visit my myspace blog if you want to see the full version)

As you can see, all Mandy cares about is all her big shoes and all the jewelry all over her big giant fingers. And her big lips. We 're not sure why she has one eye. That's a mystery.

Jaimee has back hair, has many eyes, and is drinking gas. Because she likes to fart a lot.

Out of all the weird ones, Christa's portrait seems to be the most normal. In her photo, she's old and frail and pregnant. She looks pretty harmless. I'd love to know they psychology behind some of these, lol.

Next is baby Jack. He's tall, skinny, and handsome in his suit and tie. She obviously likes him and did not blame him for all of our awful behaviour toward her.

Next we have Lisa, with her big mechanical eye and giant sharp-toothy jaws!

Then, there's me. I'm a clam with teeth.

And of course, the last drawing is of herself, holding up her crown.

She sure showed us! Perhaps it's one of those had-to-be-there moments, but we laughed uncontrollably for awhlie. 

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today during Father's Day service at church, Zoe got to dance during a really sweet song called Cinderella. Isn't she cute?

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brown Beans

Brown Beans - by Zoe

Oh my brown beans, so sweet!
It's about....clever......sweet
It's the most sweet time
It's a wonderful time
Mouthful of brown beans
You can take a break outside
With brown beans
With the beans, with the beans
With the beans that....(?)
Oh my gosh! It's so sweet
It's a wonderful time!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Flight of the Conchords!

Saturday night we saw Flight of the Conchords in concert in Ann Arbor. They are a hilarious musical/comedy duo and they have a show on HBO. It's probably the funniest thing ever. Anyway....

I brought my camera with me (of course) but the mean theater people made us take it back to the car! I was very bummed. I did have my camera phone and managed to take a few pictures. They're crappy, but better than nothing I suppose.

After the show, we got to meet them! Still didn't have my real camera, so here are more crappy camera phone shots.....

Monday, April 28, 2008

He's not just daddy anymore.....

He's daddy....and the sprites!

I thought it was time to do a side-by-side. When I saw Johnny for the first time, I was amazed at the resemblance. We've had people approach us and tell us he looks like Johnny, too. The kids always point and yell "Daddy!" when it comes on. He gets embarrassed. It's fun for us. I think MY sprites are cuter though. Don't you think?

In case you're curious.....

Friday, April 18, 2008

Adam's in town . . .

Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably noticed a tweet from me earlier today, stating that I was embarrassed of our shopping cart. You see, my friend Adam is visiting. He lives in Manhattan . . . a very big city which apparently has no food. So when he comes here, he buys. He buys lots of food. Lots and lots and food. Lots of sugary, salty, carb-laden food.

In this cart, there are 6 containers of ice cream, several bags of chips, muffins, cookies, 3 boxes and a bag of cereal, chocolate milk, 3 packages of cookie dough, frosting, cake mix, marshmallows, Doritos, chips, orange sweet rolls, and a ginormous bottle of Ketel One. And much, much more. He did buy a few good things, like lemons and cucumbers.

So. If you're hungry, and would like to gain a few pounds, come over to my house.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I love my friends.

Not many adults can get together on a Sunday night and play with Moon Sand and have a blast.

It wasn't really the moon sand that was fun, but it was all of us. We're funny. We also made our own bouncy balls and played games and ate suckers and candy. Lisa wanted juice boxes and grilled cheese, but we opted for Taco Bell.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Who painted it?

Sunday night has become hang-out-Christie’s-house night every week. People from church truck it all the way down south to my home to have loads of fun. Sometimes we do karaoke, sometimes we play a game, and sometimes....we paint! Below is a picture of some of our paintings, and I want you to try and guess who painted each painting. I know some of you blog readers don’t know these people, but feel free to guess anway.

The artists are Christa, Jaimee, Lisa, Mandy, and me.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Everyone Overcome!

Here are some pics from our Easter presentation, "Overcome." I didn't get to take very many because there were no breaks where I could leave the stage. So some of them are from rehearsal.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Nightmare Before Easter

It's 3:33 am. I have barely had any sleep. I went to bed at 11, expecting to sleep until 4:30. Then I was going to wake up, get ready for church, and be at rehearsal by 7.

So I went to bed, all nice and tired, and all I heard for a half hour was the neighbor's dog barking. For crying out loud. If you're going to own a dog, don't keep it outside at night and let it bark. It barked non-stop. After beeping my car horn with the keys a few times, and even yelling out the window at it, I gave up and turned our bathroom fan on, hoping to shut out the noise. It worked, and I fell asleep. Whew!

Then the dreams started. Now, usually on Saturday nights before church, I have church dreams. Since I sing on the worship team, they're usually about stuff going wrong during service, or just weird stuff happening. Sometimes they're funny :-) But not tonight. Tonight were evil nightmares that I've never had before. I kept dreaming about just evil. I can't explain it, really. And then after a few minutes, I would see this very bright, blue flash of light and then I'd wake up in a panice, feeling like I have to puke.

This happened several times. Then Craig texted me at 1am to tell me that he was stranded at his wedding in Taylor. His car was dead. The weird thing about that is I have my phone on silent while I sleep, but as soon as he texted me, I sat up in another panic and looked at my phone and it was lit up. So I called him and he reassured me that friends were on the way to help, and that he would be home soon.

I went back to sleep. The nightmares still happened, but now some of them were about Craig being stranded, bad things happening to him, and him doing bad things. Just evil crap.

He just got home, and now I'm sitting here, not wanting to even go back to sleep for that last hour. So I'm blogging until it's time to jump in the shower. Craig and the kids will have to go to church with me at 7 and sit through all 3 services now, because his car is dead.

I'm exausted, and creeped out, but I will Overcome, right ;-)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let's talk about......

Soup! Just kdding!

Love! Your love! What does it look like? What is your love language? Our latest series at church has been all about love. I happen to love love and been thinking about it lately.

I've never read the Gary Chapman book about love languages, and I'm not really talking about the love that you have for your spouse, or boy/girlfriend. I'm speaking of love in general. How do you show love to the people you love?

I'm trying to get myself to say "I love you" more. Unless you're known to be a big fat liar, it's probably the easiest and most efficient way to let someone know you love them. I think they are powerful words. Think about all the times you said "I love you" to someone for the very first time. It can be a scary thing to say! But it can also become the love-yous that often come at the end of a phone conversation with your spouse, or a relative. Sure, the love may still be there, but the words are routine.

Which leads me back to the question, what is your love language, besides using english language (or whatever language you currently speak!)?

Personally, I love to give. I love to give things. Material things...which is strange, because when someone gives me a thing, I don't really interpret it as "I love you." I know. I'm weird. I'm a love hypocrite!

I also love to give my time, and I also like when time is given to me. I think that people value their time, and to give your time to someone is special. For Valentines Day, I'd rather sit around and watch a movie with Craig than to recieve flowers from him.

Another one of my languages is play fighting. Joking around. Pretending to be mean, but not really. ;-) This one worries me, because I often wonder if people really think I'm being mean. I was always told that when the boys pick on you, it's because they really like you. Maybe that has stuck with me.

Zoe's love language is touching. That girl loves to cuddle. She loves to touch my face, and my hair, and she loves to kiss me on the cheek. I get more kisses from her in a day than I can count. Daphne's language is time. She wants your attention. In fact, she wants your attention 24/7 ;-) Xavier loves to give compliments. In fact, when I put him to back to bed tonight after his last coughing fit, he groggily told me I was gorgeous before drifting off to sleep. What a sweety. Craig's love launguage is cleaning. Nothing says I love you than organizing drawers and hanging his clothes in order. I'm not kidding. Unfortunately, this is how he shows love as well. I say unfortunately because his idea of clean and organized is not my idea of clean and organized. So while he's proud of the fact that he collected all the junk and lined it up nicely against the wall for me, it's just not clean to me! Ok, so we have a language barrier I guess.

So....I'm just curious about how others show love. How do you show love? How do you like to be shown that you're loved?

Tomorrow, we'll talk about soup, if you want.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The twins turned five today. We had a small party today, and by small, I mean we invited their grandma and grandpa and that's it. They had a great day, though. I just can't believe they're 5!

This next picture is possibly the sweetest thing ever. Seriously. I forgot I had taken it earlier today, and when I was editing that birthday pic, I accidentally opened this one. The sweetness overwhelmed me and I actually started crying. What in the world.....this much cute should be illegal. This is why Craig and I sometimes fight over who's going to lay down with the twins at nap time. Who wouldn't want this kind of cuddle?

I'll be so sad when they start school and there will be no more nap time. Wahh :-(

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We were in the way.

Who doesn't love a good eclipse? You know me and my love for the sky. My hands nearly fell off trying to take pictures of it.

I think the moon is the hardest thing in the world to photograph!

It's amazing to watch, though....just knowing that it's the earth's shadow you're seeing up there.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here is a picture of the new stage set we worked on last week. This is mainly for Kelly, who requested to see a picture when we were done. Hope you're reading, Kelly!

You can't tell from the picture, but the hearts are all glittery and cute. We're doing a series about Love.

Speaking of love, you know your kid loves you when he wants to dress just like you, and do everything you do, at the same time you do it.

This is a common scene in our house. Xavier loves his daddy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This past Sunday was Daphne's first time on the kids' worship team at church. She did so well and had so much fun. I'm so proud of her :-)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Brain fart.

I'm really bad at things like this. I can never get my brain to think. I'm going to keep practicing. Soon I will remember them all!!


Monday, January 7, 2008

The noise it makes.

Feeling a bit on edge right now, so I'm just going to enjoy a nice petty blog.

There are noises that drive me crazy. The number one noise that makes me want to rip my face off, is the *plink* sound of someone clipping their finger nails. I don't mind it when I'm clipping my own, or the kids. But if someone around me is doing it, I have to leave the room. The sound is awful to me! One year in drum corps, my bus seat was the seat in front of this guy who would clip his nails often. I couldn't escape. I was trapped! It was torture.

The rest of my annoying sound list comes from the TV. These noises don't bother me in person. Only on TV. Mostly commercials.

The sound of a beverage pouring into a glass. It's usually beer....pouring from the bottle into a glass. Bleh. Hate that sound. When beer commercials come on, and there's that pouring sound which is usually much louder than any other sound in the commercial, it does not make me want a drink of anything. It makes me want to throw the beer at the person pouring it.

What else.....oh! Typing on a keyboard. Usually, I love the sound of clicking keys. But on TV? No. It's a fake clicking sound. It's not what keyboard keys sound like. It's not that loud and not that clicky. When I hear it, it's like someone pecking at my head.

I also hate it in commercials when the voice-over is talking so gently and softly, that you can hear the spit in their mouths, clicking and snapping as they talk to you. his mostly happens in pharmaceutical commercials.

I hate alarm clocks in commercials, and in the past year this seemed to be the trend. You're watching TV, there's a drug commercial on with some voice-over who is gently and sweetly telling you the side effects of the newest drug (and her spit is clicking and crackling) and then it ends and then suddenly you hear the "EEEE! EEEE! EEEE!" of the next commercial which starts off with the loudest buzzing alarm clock you've ever heard. It startles me fo' real. Don't like it.

Finally, and I hate to even post this because it hurts to type anything bad about Disney. (Forgive me, Mickey.) You know that commercial where the mom and dad are at the's's fingers are loudly clicking away at a keyboard that sounds look outside....the horses are trotting......the trotting is loud.....the trotting is abrupt.....the trotting.....keeps coming back..the clickign......the trotting......the clicking........oh my..trot trot trot.......make it stop......TROTTY TROTYY TROTTY......BAH.

Noises I hate. Did I mention I'm dieting? There ya go.