Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thunder only happens when it's raining....

For most of my adult life, I've always has this recurring dream about being at an airport, or trying to get to an airport, not finding the way, or not finding my gate, losing my ticket, missing my flight, etc.

I do not have a fear of flying. I don't have a problem with being late. In fact, I'm the exact opposite. I don't fly often. Maybe once a yearish. So I've done some Googling (because google is the expert on everything!) ;-) and here are a few things I came up with.

"If you dream of losing your ticket, you may need to resolve a minor personality crisis."

I did dream this last night. Except, I didn't lose my paper ticket, but I lost my special "identification coin" that everyone needs to board a plane. Weird!

"being at the airport can usually mean change, something new happening, changing direction in life and so on."

Hmm. I feel as a parent of young kids, things are always changing. Maybe this is why I keep having it.

"This recurring dream usually begins with the dreamer hurrying to stuff his or her luggage full of clothes then rushing to the airport. Just when you think you have got it made, you find you have trouble with your ticket at the counter then are stopped by security. As you reach the gate, you think you have made it just in the nick of time when you see your flight leave."

I never actually see the plane leave, but this sounds about right!

"This dream often happens in young adults because they are not only juggling multiple responsibilities, they are also trying to make connections with others. They see these connections as friendships that may help advance their careers or happiness. This reoccurring dream may be particularly confusing to these young adults because they are normally well organised during the waking hours."

"The plane is symbolic of a vehicle that can get them from one place to another. When the dreamer “misses the flight,” it is representative of their frustration at not reaching their goals"

"If you find you are having this dream over and over, prioritize your life. Try to complete things ahead of deadlines so you do not feel so rushed. More importantly, take a moment to focus on your accomplishments and how incredible they are, rather than seeing what advancements are escaping you."

So maybe that's the answer. Focus on my accomplishments! I'd really like to have my recurring dreams analyzed by a professional. I have quite a few of them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Come on Xavier, time to get up. Come on Daphne....Zoe...time to get up. Good morning, time for school everyone! Get up please. Please guys, you need to get up now. Hurry up. Breakfast is done. Please come eat. You need to come eat. Now you only have ten minutes to eat. Come eat now please. Please stop dancing and eat. Please stop getting your hair in the syrup. Why aren't you eating? You only have five minutes to eat now. Hurry up! Stop moving your sister's juice! When you get done eating, go brush your teeth. Daph, are you done eating? Stop drawing and eat! Are your teeth brushed? Why aren't your teeth brushed? Please stop watching TV and brush your teeth. Why is no one in the bathroom and brushing their teeth? Let's go! Yes, it's the the same flavor toothpaste as yesterday. Use it! When you're done with your teeth, start brushing your hair. You're teeth! Why aren't they brushed yet? You've been in there for ten minutes! What have you been doing? Hair, go brush your hair now. Teeth...your turn...brush your teeth! Syrup, in your hair! UGH. Daphne, it doesn't LOOK like you brushed it. Do it again, please. Please go get dressed now. Daph, wet your hair down if it's sticking up. Dressed. Please get dressed! No you may not wear the jeans that are 2 sizes too small. Zoe, where are your underware? Why aren't they on yet? Your socks are where they always are. No, you are not wearing that. It's 40 degrees outside. When you're dressed, bring your backpack to the kitchen. Xavier, no coat. Not yet. Not time to leave yet. WHERE is your backpack? WHY aren't your socks on yet? Shoes and coats. Go get them. SHOES. You can't find your shoes. Why aren't they in the shoe place? That's where they're supposed to go when you come in the house! Coats! Get your coats! NO ZOE, you're not wearing dress shoes to school today. Stop. Don't go out to the car yet. No, NOT YET! Daphne, what are you doing? Oh my gosh, WHY aren't your shoes on yet??!? Grab your backpacks, let's go! Get into the car please. DAPHNE LET'S GO. Xavier, why are you riding your bike? IN THE CAR NOW! Stop fighting. No, we're not going to listen to that. I don't have that CD in this car. We're listening to this. If you can't be nice to your brother, please don't say anything. Xavier, stop kicking her seat. Please stop arguing! Ok, guys, go out this door. Please wait for your brother and sister, Daphne. Be good. Love you. Bye. *blows kisses*

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hope in a bottle.

We started a new series a church today called "Message In a Bottle." It's about hope.

So a few minutes ago, I found this website called "Oceangram - Message In a Bottle". Basically you click on a bottle, type a message, then it throws the bottle out to sea and you can track it as it travels to different people in cyberspace. A fun time-waster. Anyway, the first message in a bottle I received said this:

Whatever might be wrong in your life, don't give up. Never. As long as you're alive, there's hope."

I just thought it was neat :-)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What I learned this week....

1. Women can and should be leaders.

2. Traveling to Chicago in a group of 8 can be a little stressful, but so much fun at the same time.

3. Craig changes his mind too much.

4. I'm NOT gourmet.

5. I may or may not have a betting problem.

6. Edward Cullen lives in Canton.

7. The grizzly bears CAME.

8. Angela Bassett is famous actress (whom, by the way, we ran into in Chicago and had a pic taken with!)

9. I'm not a fan of late 70's Christian music, espcially songs about slowing down.

10. I'm not good at fantasy football this year.

11. Chili's chips and salsa can make you feel like crap the next day

12. I want a stomach transplant.

13. The Bread of Life never gets stale.

14. Autumn is my favorite time of the year, yet it causes me much suffering and I don't know why.

15. I know that I must do whats right, sure as kilimanjaro rises like olympus above the serengeti.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No gym.

While I was in Chicago for 3 days,  Craig decided this gym was not something he wants to work out at anymore. He got me all excited for nothing. Oh well. The dream was nice while it lasted.....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mama said knock you out.

We are ending a series at church called "Live Like You Were Dying." From what I've heard, it has changed a lot of people at our church. People are realizing that we only have one shot to make the most out of our lives.

I don't know if this has anything to do with the series, but Craig has decided to take up boxing. Ok, I know it has nothing to do with the series (in his mind...he just wants to get paid to show people how manly he is?) but a friend made a good point as I was complaining about this new hobby of like you were dying.  If boxing is something he feels he needs to do, then I guess he should do it. I can't say I'm pleased. In fact, it scares me just a tad. Today he had his first "training session." He knows a former boxer who injured his hand and is now a personal trainer and owns a gym.

Apparently I've been invited to come "train." Not to be a boxer, but to get in shape like one. At first I laughed. But then I thought about it. Even though I'm glad Craig is pretty much healthy, I've always been kind of bummed that I've never had a workout partner. He's never needed to lose weight or get in shape. In fact, he eats for 3 sometimes and still stays thin. It kind of makes me sick. But I digress.

Now he's getting older and wants to lose his now size 34 waist (eyeroll), get some muscles back, and....fight people. I've also always wanted a personal trainer, but could never afford it. Well, here's my opportunity I suppose. I can have a trainer, and a workout partner, and I guess there's an area for kids to watch DVDs while parents workout. It's a class-format, so the doors are locked during the session. It's also just a few minutes away from our church, where we spend a lot of our time, and some of the class times are very near to the times we need to be there anyway.

So really, do I have any valid excuses not to do this? No.

Live like I'm dying. It really really makes sense in this situation. I'll die sooner than I'd like if I don't get healthy.  So watch out, Christy Martin (she was a championship' real). There's a new Christie Martin taking over the femal boxing world! ;-)

Here are some weird facts. Christy Martin is married to Jim Martin, which is also the name of my father-in-law, and I was born on her birthday, June 12th.  I was meant to be a boxer!