Friday, August 7, 2009


So I needed to order a book and a DVD on Amazon. The total for those two items came to $24 and some change. Well, as any good Amazon shopper knows, if you buy $25 worth of stuff, you can get their free super-saving shipping. So I added an 80 cent notebook to my cart to get the free shipping.

A few days later, Amazon emails me and tells me that they're going to ship 2 of the 3 items now, and then ship the other one later when it becomes available. Guess which one they're shipping separately! Yes! The 80 cent notebook, that I technically didn't even want.

Well today I got the first package. It was not the book and the DVD. It was the 80 cent notebook....all packaged nicely in a box, with an invoice letting me know that THEY paid over $10 to ship the thing.

All I can do is shake my head, and then wonder where my book and DVD are.