Friday, November 9, 2007

I highly recommend Dr. Zoe

I've been laying around a lot today. I seem to cough less when I'm laying in bed. Zoe came in for a snuggle, and told me she'd be my doctor to help me feel better.

So she walked over to my bookshelves to pick out the "feel better" book, which "tells me what to do next." She opens it up and tells me that feel-better book says I need to rest for two minutes. Two whole minutes. Then she goes into my bathroom, gets an emery board, and tries to make me shove it down my throat and say "ahhhhh." I told her we'd pretend, because the last thing my hamburger throat needs is a sandpaper stick down it.

She consults her book again. It tells her that I need to read a book so I can get a "feel-better" sticker. She brings me Hank Hanegraaff's Bible Answer Book. Unfortunately the Bible Answer Man can't tell me why I have the plague again, and what I need to do to get better. But at least I got my feel-better sticker....a small pink smiley face on my hand.

Again, she consults the feel-better book. This time it tells her I need medicine. Two kinds! The first is a sip of Diet Dr.Pepper. Now we're talking. Next, the book tells her I need finger medicine. She grabs a bottle of hand lotion and squirts it on my hands and rubs it in.

Next, the book tells her I need a back scratcher. She runs to her bedroom and grabs her purple princess dress-up shoe. Then she scratches my back with it.

Next, she says I get to rest again. But this time, I have to rest my bones and eyes, also for two minutes. Then she abandoned me 'cause she had to go poop.

Although Dr. Zoe didn't cure me of my physical illness, she did make me feel a lot better :-)

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divine.conspiracy said...

Aaaaah!! So cute! That's a great story. Kids can really make us smile sometimes, can't they?