Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I like sports now. I like baseball and football. A year ago, I did not care for sports. In fact, I hated football season because it meant losing my husband all day Sunday and Monday nights. I used to watch hockey religiously. Then I stopped. I used to watch baseball as a kid. I stopped that too. Suddenly I had other interests, I suppose. But anyway, thanks to the excitement of fantasy football and several trips to Comerica Park with my friends, I'm enjoying sports again.

Last night the Tigers had a very exciting last inning. I was there! It was fun.

Also last night, I was in 1st place in our Fantasy Football league, and then at the last minute, my opponent's wide receiver caught a touchdown pass, and just like that I was knocked down to 7th place. Grumble grumble. But I still have the 2nd highest points in the league, so I'm not too upset. I'm not as upset as Craig, anyway. He's in last place. Hee hee. Craig is the most competitive person I know. I once made him cry when I beat him at Connect Four. Seriously. He was undefeated until I came along. Poor guy. Last night he looked at the standings and said "I hate this game." and walked out.

My friends and I at the game last night . . .

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