Thursday, September 6, 2007

Drum Corps. A blast from the past.

I guess the DCI finals were on yesterday on ESPN and I missed it. The good news is, they're replaying it, so I'll set my DVR.

DCI stands for Drum Corps International. I participated in corps for 4 years. We were discussing it on a message board today and I scanned this pic I found in my drawer yesterday:

Ah, the memories. We had to polish our shoes before every competition. Or whenever needed, I guess. I can't beleive I was that brown. My hair was fried. I had bangy bangs. Maybe some day I'll get a bunch of my corps pics together and do a blog series on my life in corps. It really was a crazy time.

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Breakfast at Charly's said...

Have you ever not been gorgeous? Even with the questionable bangs, you're just pretty. Don't tell anyone but I'm jelus.