Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Daphne has always loved writing her own stories. I probably have saved 500 stories, big and small, that she has written over the years. Some of them are just pages of pictures because she didn't know how to write at the time. Some of her illustraitions are amazing, too. Well, except that drawing of me she did a few posts ago. I don't really look like that ;-) She did draw me today with a fat tummy. That, on the other hand, is pretty accurate. Anyway, I think she may be a writer when she gets older. She's actually working on a book right now, apparently.

Her way. Heh. Definitely a fairytale ;-)

I see that she has been studying various literary terms as well, such as onomatopoeia.

Or, who knows. Maybe she'll just be a pet groomer.

I think that whatever she does, she'll do it fantastically.

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