Friday, December 21, 2007

A Christmas spirit blog.

There really is no point to this blog, I guess, except to express some of my Christmas joy.

This year, I finally have the Christmas spirit. Usually at this time, I'm either sick, or poor, or stressed about something. I always stress about gift giving....who to buy for, who not to buy for, what to buy? Is it good enough? Did I spend enough? Or, why can't a get myself to bake a million cookies like most people do? I've always felt guilty about that. Blah. Oh, and the fact that I never remember to get the kids' Christmas pictures "professionally done" in time to send out with the cards. I've finally accepted that I can take pics for free and although they're not as good, they are sufficient in recording memories that I'll cherish when I'm old and they're all grown up. I'm glad I've stopped upsetting myself over the little things. That stuff isn't what Christmas is all about.

My kids are sooo excited. Every morning we get asked "Can we open ONE present today? Pleeeease?" It reminds me of being a kid again. How exciting when a new gift for me appeared under the tree! I remember constantly touching the presents, rearranging them every day. Guess who does that now? Daphne, my mini-me. It's so fun.

Although they're all excited about getting gifts, it amazes me how much they want to give, as well. They keep wrapping things up in toilet paper and garland and putting it under the tree. The other night Mandy was here, and Xavier wrapped up one of his toy cars and gave it to her. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to do that, and he was very serious about giving it to her. Then she left it here and he had a fit. Bad Mandy!

I will be sad when it's all over. You'll probably see my Christmas tree 'n stuff up until the end of January. Deal with it ;-)

Now, for a few random things.

Yesterday I was sitting here and Xavier walked up behind me and asks "Mom, is my blankie handsome?" I turned around and saw this:

For some reason I thought it was hilarious. Put a tie on, and you're immediately handsome.

This is Zoe's favorite way to watch TV, now.

I forgot to share this picture of the twinpeas singing at church before the play.

Little stinker managed to untuck his shirt before coming out on the stage. I guess untucked dress shirts are "in" with the pre-school kids.

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