Friday, October 19, 2007

The Great Biscuit Debate.

I don't know why I'm blogging about this, or even thinking about biscuits when I'm in the middle of low-carb hell week. I guess I like to torture myself.

Ok. My friend Adam lives in NYC. When Adam comes back to Michigan to visit, he grocery shops. He loves Michigan groceries. We have more of a variety, and it's cheaper.

Every time he comes, he buys Grands biscuits. You know, the dough that comes in a can and you have to bust the cardboard to let the dough out. It's sticky and smells yeasty 'n stuff. Anyway, I'm not saying I hate Grands biscuits, but they're not REAL biscuits. We always have this biscuit debate when he comes. He's coming on the 26th, and its already started.

Let me show you an example:

The one on the left is a real biscuit. The one on the right is a Grands biscuit. There's no question that the one on the left is better. BETTER!

Imagine it covered in creamy sausage gravy. Mmmm.

Again, I'll eat a Grands "biscuit" if I have to, but who would prefer it to real southern buttermilk biscuits?


Jessica said...

Dude, at a dollar a can (on sale), the Grands biscuits are good enough for soaking up spaghetti sauce.

Oh wait, probably shouldn't mention spaghetti to the low-carbing girl. Sorry!

Breakfast at Charly's said...

To simply eat on its own? Grands hands down. Peeling its flaky layers and enjoying the moist goodness is something that compares to no other. However, the dry ones are better in gravy. I mean, that's where they belong because they are dry and lumpy. I wouldn't eat them without a gravy of some sort. Grands in gravy is wrong.

To summarize, both have their place in the biscuit world. They both serve a different purpose and can peacefully coexist. Of note, biscuits in the UK aren't what we would consider a biscuit at all but, rather, a cookie of some sort. The world is an interesting if not odd place, no?