Monday, October 29, 2007

Costume Cuteness

Last night we took the kids to the Halloween at Greenfield Village. Although it was freezing outside, we had a fun time. It was dark and there were lots of people. I can't believe how many people buy tickets for this thing. It was sold out. They handed out treats at stations and decorated all the old houses with scary things. The treats were eh, but they did get Beanie Babies at the end.

Not really an interesting blog, I know. But the main purpose of this was to show off my cute kids.

Xavier absolutely hates Mickey ears of any kind. He refused to wear the ones that actually came with the costume. That was fine, because they looked dumb anyway. Way too small for Mickey ears. So I figured he could wear one of our sets of ears from our honeymoon. He cried when I put those on him, too. I'm not going to tell you what I had to do to make him smile for that picture.

Daphne is Pocahontas. She made me take the pic in front of the trees and rocks because I guess Pocahontas didn't hang out in subdivisions. She's also having a bad hair day, because that's the only black-haired child's wig I could find.

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