Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thunder only happens when it's raining....

For most of my adult life, I've always has this recurring dream about being at an airport, or trying to get to an airport, not finding the way, or not finding my gate, losing my ticket, missing my flight, etc.

I do not have a fear of flying. I don't have a problem with being late. In fact, I'm the exact opposite. I don't fly often. Maybe once a yearish. So I've done some Googling (because google is the expert on everything!) ;-) and here are a few things I came up with.

"If you dream of losing your ticket, you may need to resolve a minor personality crisis."

I did dream this last night. Except, I didn't lose my paper ticket, but I lost my special "identification coin" that everyone needs to board a plane. Weird!

"being at the airport can usually mean change, something new happening, changing direction in life and so on."

Hmm. I feel as a parent of young kids, things are always changing. Maybe this is why I keep having it.

"This recurring dream usually begins with the dreamer hurrying to stuff his or her luggage full of clothes then rushing to the airport. Just when you think you have got it made, you find you have trouble with your ticket at the counter then are stopped by security. As you reach the gate, you think you have made it just in the nick of time when you see your flight leave."

I never actually see the plane leave, but this sounds about right!

"This dream often happens in young adults because they are not only juggling multiple responsibilities, they are also trying to make connections with others. They see these connections as friendships that may help advance their careers or happiness. This reoccurring dream may be particularly confusing to these young adults because they are normally well organised during the waking hours."

"The plane is symbolic of a vehicle that can get them from one place to another. When the dreamer “misses the flight,” it is representative of their frustration at not reaching their goals"

"If you find you are having this dream over and over, prioritize your life. Try to complete things ahead of deadlines so you do not feel so rushed. More importantly, take a moment to focus on your accomplishments and how incredible they are, rather than seeing what advancements are escaping you."

So maybe that's the answer. Focus on my accomplishments! I'd really like to have my recurring dreams analyzed by a professional. I have quite a few of them.

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