Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let's talk about......

Soup! Just kdding!

Love! Your love! What does it look like? What is your love language? Our latest series at church has been all about love. I happen to love love and been thinking about it lately.

I've never read the Gary Chapman book about love languages, and I'm not really talking about the love that you have for your spouse, or boy/girlfriend. I'm speaking of love in general. How do you show love to the people you love?

I'm trying to get myself to say "I love you" more. Unless you're known to be a big fat liar, it's probably the easiest and most efficient way to let someone know you love them. I think they are powerful words. Think about all the times you said "I love you" to someone for the very first time. It can be a scary thing to say! But it can also become the love-yous that often come at the end of a phone conversation with your spouse, or a relative. Sure, the love may still be there, but the words are routine.

Which leads me back to the question, what is your love language, besides using english language (or whatever language you currently speak!)?

Personally, I love to give. I love to give things. Material things...which is strange, because when someone gives me a thing, I don't really interpret it as "I love you." I know. I'm weird. I'm a love hypocrite!

I also love to give my time, and I also like when time is given to me. I think that people value their time, and to give your time to someone is special. For Valentines Day, I'd rather sit around and watch a movie with Craig than to recieve flowers from him.

Another one of my languages is play fighting. Joking around. Pretending to be mean, but not really. ;-) This one worries me, because I often wonder if people really think I'm being mean. I was always told that when the boys pick on you, it's because they really like you. Maybe that has stuck with me.

Zoe's love language is touching. That girl loves to cuddle. She loves to touch my face, and my hair, and she loves to kiss me on the cheek. I get more kisses from her in a day than I can count. Daphne's language is time. She wants your attention. In fact, she wants your attention 24/7 ;-) Xavier loves to give compliments. In fact, when I put him to back to bed tonight after his last coughing fit, he groggily told me I was gorgeous before drifting off to sleep. What a sweety. Craig's love launguage is cleaning. Nothing says I love you than organizing drawers and hanging his clothes in order. I'm not kidding. Unfortunately, this is how he shows love as well. I say unfortunately because his idea of clean and organized is not my idea of clean and organized. So while he's proud of the fact that he collected all the junk and lined it up nicely against the wall for me, it's just not clean to me! Ok, so we have a language barrier I guess.

So....I'm just curious about how others show love. How do you show love? How do you like to be shown that you're loved?

Tomorrow, we'll talk about soup, if you want.

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