Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The twins turned five today. We had a small party today, and by small, I mean we invited their grandma and grandpa and that's it. They had a great day, though. I just can't believe they're 5!

This next picture is possibly the sweetest thing ever. Seriously. I forgot I had taken it earlier today, and when I was editing that birthday pic, I accidentally opened this one. The sweetness overwhelmed me and I actually started crying. What in the world.....this much cute should be illegal. This is why Craig and I sometimes fight over who's going to lay down with the twins at nap time. Who wouldn't want this kind of cuddle?

I'll be so sad when they start school and there will be no more nap time. Wahh :-(

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Christie said...

Happy birthday to Zoe & Xavier! Where has the time gone?