Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So I'm sitting here, at my computer, in the tiny little town of's about 1:30am, and I'm up waaaay too late, trying to figure out my fantasy football draft order, when suddenly I notice some breaking news scrolling across the bottom of the tv screen.

"The residents of the Monroe County community of Newport......" (Newport?? heart dropping into my stomach now) "...are being asked to stay inside their homes tonight....." (heart AND stomach, both dropping down to my knees now.....oh my gosh! There's something wrong at the Fermi nuclear plant in my back yard ohnoez!) "......Monroe County sherriff department is searching for a bank robber on the loose." (Ok, better than Fermi blowing up and half of Michigan melting down, I guess....but still.....ohnoez!!!) "Residents are asked to turn all of their outside lights on...." (Gulp. I'm not leaving this chair right now, thankyouverymuch.)

I had to wake Craig up to walk me around the house to make sure all windows and doors were locked and all the lights were on. He wasn't thrilled with that, but oh well. I'm not in the mood to entertain dangerous criminals tonight. In fact, I was just getting ready to snuggle into my comfy bed.....but now.....eeek!

I think I'll keep working on my fantasy football homework.

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