Sunday, August 26, 2007

Go forth and be rude.

I was just scrolling through some messages on a forum I've been a member of for a while now. There was a discussion started by a woman who works at a Starbucks. She had a really rough day today with rude customers. I worked in food service once, so I know how that goes and can empathize.

But at the end of her post, she tells us about a man and his family on their way home from church, who treated her like total garbage at the drive-thru window. He was so nasty to her that she started to cry. I'm not even going to type what foul name he called her as he drove away. She also mentioned something about the "rude post-church crowd" she encounters every Sunday.

As I was reading this, I got all teary and felt sick to my stomach. Seriously. I'm tired of Sundays being the worst day to work in the restaurant industry. Why...WHY as Christians aren't we treating people like Christ would? Why do our waiters and waitresses get less tips on Sundays? Why do non-church going people dread working Sundays because they expect the worst? This is wrong!

But.....I also find it very disturbing that because I am one of the church going Christians, I'm lumped into this "rude church people" crowd. It's not fair, all around.

Christians, start treating people in the way that you were commanded to do in the Bible. Others, please don't assume that all of us Christians act like this. We don't, and I'm sorry about the rudeness of some that have caused you to believe this.

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