Monday, January 7, 2008

The noise it makes.

Feeling a bit on edge right now, so I'm just going to enjoy a nice petty blog.

There are noises that drive me crazy. The number one noise that makes me want to rip my face off, is the *plink* sound of someone clipping their finger nails. I don't mind it when I'm clipping my own, or the kids. But if someone around me is doing it, I have to leave the room. The sound is awful to me! One year in drum corps, my bus seat was the seat in front of this guy who would clip his nails often. I couldn't escape. I was trapped! It was torture.

The rest of my annoying sound list comes from the TV. These noises don't bother me in person. Only on TV. Mostly commercials.

The sound of a beverage pouring into a glass. It's usually beer....pouring from the bottle into a glass. Bleh. Hate that sound. When beer commercials come on, and there's that pouring sound which is usually much louder than any other sound in the commercial, it does not make me want a drink of anything. It makes me want to throw the beer at the person pouring it.

What else.....oh! Typing on a keyboard. Usually, I love the sound of clicking keys. But on TV? No. It's a fake clicking sound. It's not what keyboard keys sound like. It's not that loud and not that clicky. When I hear it, it's like someone pecking at my head.

I also hate it in commercials when the voice-over is talking so gently and softly, that you can hear the spit in their mouths, clicking and snapping as they talk to you. his mostly happens in pharmaceutical commercials.

I hate alarm clocks in commercials, and in the past year this seemed to be the trend. You're watching TV, there's a drug commercial on with some voice-over who is gently and sweetly telling you the side effects of the newest drug (and her spit is clicking and crackling) and then it ends and then suddenly you hear the "EEEE! EEEE! EEEE!" of the next commercial which starts off with the loudest buzzing alarm clock you've ever heard. It startles me fo' real. Don't like it.

Finally, and I hate to even post this because it hurts to type anything bad about Disney. (Forgive me, Mickey.) You know that commercial where the mom and dad are at the's's fingers are loudly clicking away at a keyboard that sounds look outside....the horses are trotting......the trotting is loud.....the trotting is abrupt.....the trotting.....keeps coming back..the clickign......the trotting......the clicking........oh my..trot trot trot.......make it stop......TROTTY TROTYY TROTTY......BAH.

Noises I hate. Did I mention I'm dieting? There ya go.

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Jaimee said...

I HATE when I can hear the spit in someone's mouth.

I almost always hear it on television commercials.