Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye, good year.

Well hey, blog. You haven't changed a bit since I last saw you.

Just putting this here because I never want to forget how incredible 2014 was.  I wish I had taken notes or something.

People these days pick a word for the coming year instead of a resolution. I try really hard to pick a word, but I never come up with a good one. But here I am, 12 months too late, I've decided that my word for 2014 was GROWTH.

Growth comes with growing pains, and oh MAN did I ever feel them. But the truth is, I finally get it now. Don't laugh, but seriously, I feel like I was born again. Having been saved at the age of 5ish, I had never experienced that change one may feel when becoming "saved." But this year I guess I kind of did.

Now, I never EVER stopped believing. Even in my late teens/early 20's when God and the Bible were the last thing on my to do list. But this year, I think God just decided to show me how glorious, and holy He is. And with the help of some of the best leaders and friends a person could have, I began to learn, and grow, and understand what it means to live FULLY SURRENDERED to God.

It's like I woke up one day and it all started to click. Fully surrendered. And so in obedience, I stepped out into the water,  just a little bit. Just to see. And then I stepped out a little further. And a little further. Every time, God showed me somewhere deeper to go, and took me there, never leaving me. Oh how I wish I was talented enough with words to describe how He changed me! How He blessed me. How He has given me the desires of my heart.  Every time I stepped out in obedience, especially with something I've never done before, He answered. He spoke, He blessed, He never failed me.

I feel like my world was turned upside down this year. But really, I think I had just been living upside down all this time, and God finally flipped it back where it's supposed to be.

What is my word for 2015?  Who knows. I'll let you know in 12 months, I guess.  But I do know this much. This year, I will:

Continue growing. Every minute of every day.
Continually seek things in my life that I know I need to surrender to Him.
Love people as God loves them. All people. Especially the ones who seem unlovable.
Actively thanking God for everything, all of the time.
Give. Pray. Learn. My energy will no longer be wasted on meaningless things.
Throw out the negative. My thoughts will only be fixed on great things. Amazing things.
Stop worrying. Stop complaining.
Accept the things I cannot change.
Never. Give. Up. He has never given up on me. If the one true Holy God thinks I'm worth it, then how can I argue with that?

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