Thursday, November 19, 2009

An update

I saw my surgeon yesterday. She said the wound is healing very, very well! I asked how much longer it will take before it's all over. She said she didn't know. It could take another week, 2 weeks, who knows. So more daily nurse visits, and more do-it-myself adventures.

But I must say I have become a pro at wound packing! It's no big deal anymore. I still dread doing it, but it takes just a few minutes, and no traumatic meltdowns afterward.

I've also been leaving the house more and getting back into life. Now that I can pack the wound myself, I feel more comfortable doing more during the day.

So, I'm much better. Things are looking up. This will still take awhile, but if it means this problem never coming back again.....piece of cake.

I was reading through my last post a minute ago and I can't believe how many spelling and grammar errors there were. That's what happens when you're in shock and high on pain meds I guess. Sorry!

Thanks again everyone, for the prayers and messages. <3

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