Friday, August 7, 2009


So I needed to order a book and a DVD on Amazon. The total for those two items came to $24 and some change. Well, as any good Amazon shopper knows, if you buy $25 worth of stuff, you can get their free super-saving shipping. So I added an 80 cent notebook to my cart to get the free shipping.

A few days later, Amazon emails me and tells me that they're going to ship 2 of the 3 items now, and then ship the other one later when it becomes available. Guess which one they're shipping separately! Yes! The 80 cent notebook, that I technically didn't even want.

Well today I got the first package. It was not the book and the DVD. It was the 80 cent notebook....all packaged nicely in a box, with an invoice letting me know that THEY paid over $10 to ship the thing.

All I can do is shake my head, and then wonder where my book and DVD are.


Katy said...

that's hysterical. i would have done the same thing. those are the times they shoot themselves for offering free shipping! consumers are very smart and will do anything for free shipping!

Christie said...

They're so silly. I still don't have the book and DVD. Hoping they come today :-)