Monday, May 12, 2008

Flight of the Conchords!

Saturday night we saw Flight of the Conchords in concert in Ann Arbor. They are a hilarious musical/comedy duo and they have a show on HBO. It's probably the funniest thing ever. Anyway....

I brought my camera with me (of course) but the mean theater people made us take it back to the car! I was very bummed. I did have my camera phone and managed to take a few pictures. They're crappy, but better than nothing I suppose.

After the show, we got to meet them! Still didn't have my real camera, so here are more crappy camera phone shots.....


Kev said...

I'm glad you like them.
Jemaine Clement is also in this funny movie "Eagle Vs Shark".
You have to see it. Its very Kiwi.
I hope get well soon too

Christie said...

Hey, thanks! That movie is actually in my queue to be shipped to me :-)